by Callum O'Brien

“Macabre and Genius” ★★★★★ - North West End

Photo by Dave Bird

Photo by Dave Bird

I like to give my clients a choice, so as you can see there are a few options. Variety is the spice of life. That’s what they say. Come closer. Don’t be nervous.

Assisted suicide has been legalised. A controversial new app has made it an easily accessible service for the masses. Meanwhile, Yvette is preparing for a very special occasion. She is waiting for her date to arrive. This one is coming to kill her.

In a play about survival, fetish, faith and fish, Coelacanth is a dark comedy that asks what would happen if we could end our lives at the touch of a button?


Lizzie Back as Yvette, Jack Michael Stacey as Morningstar & Rebecca Camilleri as Rachel

Liz Bacon Director | Callum O'Brien Writer | Giuliana Davolio Designer

Liam McLaughlin Producer | Sasha Butler Assistant Producer

With special thanks to ArtsEd, ALRA, Theatre503, Harold Pinter Theatre, The Cockpit, Camden Fringe, Kristian Wall, Julia Warner, Charlotte Price, Dave Bird and Olivia Oprzynska