Sasha Butler

Assistant Producer

Sasha’s love of the arts and desire to be involved in this world has led to be an Assistant Producer. She reads a lot, laughs quite loudly and writes a lot of notes. No but seriously, notes all the time for everything. She describes herself as being somewhere in between a getting-sh*t-done, proactive person, and a dreamer who writes in her spare time and sometimes gets completely lost in thought (and gets off at the wrong station from the wrong train because of it). 

Her vision is to help create theatre that is meaningful and relatable, that challenges us and that makes us feel and react. Theatre that is for a new generation of audiences that is fulfilling and exciting, as well as entertaining. She says there’s nothing better than doing this with a dedicated team of people, bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating.

‘Thank you to the Moonchild guys for giving me a look in, I’m really excited to be involved.’


Dave Bird


Our photography guru.

A personal friend and professional associate of Moonchild, Dave Bird is a photographer based in London. His varied CV has taken him across the globe and has worked for prestigious companies such as English National Opera, Nike and Google.

He shot all our play posters so far, including press shots, and the likelihood is if you see a photo on our website, Dave shot it. We love working with Dave, so should you.