by Callum O'Brien

β€œA heart rending piece, one we can all relate to” - A Younger Theatre

Photo by Dave Bird

Photo by Dave Bird

I love Pluto, but he is plagued by whirlpools

The year is 2006. TIME Person of the Year is 'You', My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas is in the charts and NASA has launched the New Horizons probe on a trajectory towards Pluto. The year is 2016. TIME Person of the Year is Donald Trump, the masses grieve for Harambe and New Horizons finally reaches its destination.

Pluto is going through a crisis.

No one had turned up to his party, his best friend Charon has hired a stripper for the evening and a probe from Earth has arrived bearing some terrible, terrible news. With copious amounts of alcohol - and a little guidance from Charon - Pluto explores the lonesome, frozen boundaries of personal, public and political identity, the desire for 'normality' and the collective frustration of the outcast.


Charlotte Price as Charon, Liam Joseph as Pluto & Thomas Lovell as Comet

Writer/Director Callum O'Brien | Designer Giuliana Davolio | Sound Design Michele Bertelli

Movement Director Aimee Leigh | Costume Julia Warner